A perfect way to manage academic, In addition to curriculum activities of the faculty. It comes into the consideration once the manual workload increases and it gets out of the box to take care of. Undoubtedly, this notion has gained a fantastic popularity in the education market. The time doesn’t stay same, it keeps changing. This system is introduced to change the manual clinic to the automated approach. This Report consists the stage which describes that why it is Treated as the automated tool. The main reason for this is its distinguished modules. There is absolutely no significance of applications without the modules. Well, the objective of designing the module is to categorize the comprehensive platform into different sections.

School Management Software

We can readily know if we relate it to the faculty itself. All of us know there are lots of departments registered in every school like management, accounts, library, canteen, timetable, evaluation cell and a lot more. If a school consists of countless sections then can you imagine what is the work pressure. Thus, to decrease the workforce and intensive labour, our firm Aampal solutions has designed this program with the extended features or you may say extended modules. Let us take a look at the list of these.

  • Fee management module – This module includes all the data Related to the fee arrangement. This aids the accountant to store the pupil’s records in a couple of seconds. With the support of charge management module, an accountant may retrieve the last record also. No paperwork, no manual action.
  • Library Management module- This is one of the important elements of the best school management software. It is not a simple task to display thousands of novels in the precise location. Not even book’s advice, pupil’s information also like who’s returned the books, who’s late in returning the book, which book is issuing, when a pupil is expected to return it all such details are easily maintained with this module.
  • Student attendance module – This module is currently in the trend. Not just in top institutes or schools, even in schools, teachers are keeping their student’s attendance record on the internet with the support of this module. Obviously, it is hard to carry registers and prepare them for each next month. To prevent this manual practice, teachers are keeping the information in a secured way.
  • Evaluation management module – The purpose of this module is to Create and assess examinations. This module effectively streamline and simplifies exam preparation and implementation to be able to make the procedures easier and paper-free. From the introduction of test papers and grading standards for handling logistics and allocating invigilators, this module is very beneficial.

There are also other types of modules which you can use them to get the better availability such as Canteen direction, Impact direction, Inventory Management, Expense management, HR management, Financial Accounting.

By James