Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer that the women lot faces. Treating it becomes much easier when it is detected in the early stages. A 3d mammogram or X-ray of the breast tissues is probably the best way to detect this disease in its early stage. 3d mammogram is also used to identify a variety of diseases occurring in the breasts. And if you are someone living in New Jersey and planning to undergo a mammogram, then you should absolutely go through ImageCare Radiology. They are the best in market for getting a 3D mammogram in Morristown, NJ. They are bound to treat you with complete attentiveness and care. Their staff is very compassionate who takes time to provide you with all types of imaging options available. They treat their customers like humans and not just as mere customers. Their staff is very knowledgeable, proving their customers with the latest medical technology and safe and proven procedures.

3d mammogram in brief-

Breast tomosynthesis or 3d mammogram uses high-powered uses high powered computing, in order to convert digital images of breast into a stack of ‘’slices’’ or very thin layers to create a three-dimensional mammogram. During this procedure, the X-ray moves in the motion of an arc over the breast, taking a number of pictures from many diverse angles. The radiologist than use these images to diagnose the disease by investigating through these layers. It comes with the advantage of identifying small breast cancers which might not be identified during traditional mammography, owing to the better accuracy that they provide in terms of determining accurately the shape, size and the location of breast abnormalities. Mammography is also used to detect many issues occurring in breasts, other than cancers. This procedure helps one’s doctor to identify and save a client from any further complications.

As everything around, us is getting more and more infected and dirty, the cases of breast cancer have also seen a rapid growth in its numbers. But 3d mammography can really help a patient from having to go through its critical state, by detecting it in early stage. Visit your nearest ImageCare Radiology now for getting your 3d mammogram done.