Interactive whiteboard is a solution to the blackboard of the classroom. An interactive whiteboard is a monitor with pen or a capability to feel touch. The board is mounted on stand or a wall. Its flexibility has helped it to be utilized in many different applications like broadcasting studios instruction, corporate workgroups, classroom instruction and more.

  • Technical Facets: The computer connects to the whiteboard through any way of communication cable, USB, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The screen also doubles up as a human interface device. Higher end models have options for use to invoke as a hand writing an onscreen keyboard or input. The demand for the computer interface lessens at using the whiteboard. The device can emulate versions of tools and paper to replace traditional teaching tools.
  • Common Modes of operation: The whiteboard works through various procedures. The modes of operation fall into one of the three categories.
  1. These Whiteboards are based on the principle of touch. A membrane that is transparent covers the surface of the board. When someone touches and presses the surface of the whiteboard, the membrane is deformed and a conducting plate is touched by it. This is registered as an equivalent of a mouse click event. Individuals claim that this is the intuitive and simple method to interface with the whiteboard.
  2. Pencil is another alternative to the touch principle. The pencil in many common cases is in fact passive and can function with no switches or batteries. These modify when brought near the signals made by the board. The versions emulate a mouse better when contemplating accuracy and clicking choices and have right click mouse options. Additionally, it has an advantage over touch there is not any problem if the user presses a region of the board than the board surface touches. This is the variety.
  3. IR Board that is based is the choice. This is a more expensive choice. The dots are tracked by an infrared camera. This is a very accurate emulation of the mouse but it lacks big software support that is excellent.
  • Impact on learning: The impact of interactive whiteboards on learning is a little disputed. The classroom becomes more responsive with the interactive Whiteboards, excitement is put in by students and the learning process is very fast. The learning in other words is straightforward. Electronic study material Complement hugely to the success of the interactive Movplan The Feedback is fast and the shyest is even opened up by toe interest of this device of guys. Overall it concluded that this should be recommended only this In the event of meetings and conference rather than used it appears to have an application.


By James