Home Maintenance 101: A Checklist For A Pristine House

If a person needs self maintenance in terms of health and beauty, then one’s home also needs just as much attention. Then ensure a real estate virtual tour pricing in Owning your own house, or any property for that matter — residential, commercial, or office — means that you have the money, time, and effort to make it possible. Here’s a checklist guide on what to check, when to check it, and what to do for a pristine house.



  • Do the dishes, put them back in the dish drawer or cabinet.
  • Sweep the floors.
  • Water the plants, or put them where the sunshine hits.
  • Wipe off dust and unpleasant marks off windows, glass walls and cabinets, metal finishes (refrigerator, oven, etc.), as well as electric wires, door knobs and storage handles.
  • Throw out the garbage.
  • Wipe off grease on the stove and counter tops.
  • During fall and winter seasons, sweep leaves regularly and push away ice off the driveway or wherever it shouldn’t be to avoid any accidents and a dirty looking exterior.



  • Clean the dishwasher.
  • Clean the bathroom.
  • Do the laundry.
  • Mop floors.
  • Look out for loose hinges or damaged walls and cabinets.
  • Toss out leftovers and expired products. It’s also a good opportunity to do inventory of what you have at home and take note of expiry dates. You could also take note of what you should buy the next time you do the groceries.
  • During the fall and winter season, always check for leaves or ice outside your house and make sure it doesn’t do harm to your property or make it look messy.



  • Vacuum carpets, mats, and refrigerator coils.
  • Wash floor mats, rags, cleaning materials.
  • Check if you have leaks anywhere in the house, just to make sure that the drainage and other things are okay in the house, even those that cannot be seen.
  • Try to run water and flush toilets and unused spaces such as guest rooms, sink in the basement or garage, etc.
  • Deep clean your refrigerator for a clean and bacteria free cold storage.
  • Monitor the current status and condition of your security alarms, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and other helpful house gadgets.
  • When summer is near and when summer is over, always make sure that you have it cleaned for the next use.
  • Take a look at your exterior — plants outside, trees near electric wires, driveway, garage door, roof, your walls and windows from the outside. See if there are any cracks, damage, dirt, etc. and address it right away.


One last thing before you go, you have to make sure to stick to this checklist of things you should check. Or else, you will find yourself in a stressful situation which you could have avoided if you took a minute or two out of your day to look after the different parts of your home.


These are just the general things to check on, all other specifics already depends on someone’s home. No two houses is the same so, some things are only applied to you. Either way, I hope this little checklist helps!