So you have a handyman service that prides itself on being the best. You’d think that would be enough, but it isn’t unless your handyman business takes advantage of online marketing as well as some other¬†handyman in Edmond, OK¬†services do. To get more customers and grow your handyman business, you need to market yourself. The following tips can help guide you in marketing your handyman service.

Your Website is a Necessity

Having a website for your handy man service is very important. If people are going to hire a handyman, they will first want to know what kinds of services you provide and who they’re hiring exactly before making any decisions about using your handyman services. A free handyman website is a handy way of getting your handyman business out there. Your handyman website can be as simple as you want it to be, but perhaps the most important thing will be making sure that it’s easy for potential customers and clients to easily contact you or email you. This makes sense since one of the first things that new handy man services do is send business to their handy man service company owner by sending them an email with all sorts of questions about what they’re looking for and why they want such services.

Use Social Media

Being on social media like Facebook and Twitter can help make your handy man service more personal. It’s not only something fun to do, but setting up accounts like these can be handy in getting the word out about your handyman services. Customers see companies who are on social media and think, “Well there’s a handyman service I know has longevity because they’re still around.” It gives people an idea that you’ve been around for some time and maybe even have employees that they could get to do work for them.

Use Videos

Videos like before-and-after pictures are helpful, but video clips showing how handymen carry out specific tasks will get more views than anything else. Without support from videos, it is hard to help potential clients or customers understand exactly what kind of handyman service you offer. Showing them something simple hanging up a picture frame will give them a better idea what you’re capable of. They’ll have a good idea about how handymen work and it will help narrow down their choices for handy man services to the best handyman business available.