Start with A Walk (around the Stream Lea) with visuals as individuals sit down and settle down. Music producer blurs stage to dark, quiet. At that point stage lit with a solitary spot. SC goes ahead stage, finds the spot and talks

Goodbye, Women and Courteous fellows. I am Simon Crotchety. Some place in the murkiness sneaks John Simmons. Together, we are Crotchety and Simmons, not a firm of specialists, but rather a perfect, pulsating, living investigation in words, sounds and pictures.

Music producer matters. It makes a difference enormously. For certain individuals it is important more than everything else. However, the why and the how of its making a difference stays a conundrum for us, a dull enigma. For what reason does Music producer make a difference? For what reason does it address us so intensely? This is the place where a little way of thinking may help. The undertaking of this current nights diversion is to peer logically into the conundrum of Music producer, to peruse its puzzle not so as to illuminate it for the last time, however to reveal a little insight in the haziness.

Also, with regards to the way of thinking of Music producer what other place should one first go however to the savvy insight of Albert Fresher von Thymus, 1806-1878, creator of the inclusive Pass on harmonically Symbolic des Alter hums (The Consonant Imagery of the Old World)? He was an interesting individual, a legal counselor, an adjudicator and a Prussian lawmaker, an obsession ally devoted beginner whose chip away at Music producer is recognized by the way that it was completely disregarded in the course of his life. He was a close companion of Nobleman TRecording studio in LA. Albert Fresher von Thymus thought Music producer, the Music producer of ancient times, resembled this,

What von Thymus is sprucing up in rather close fitting nineteenth Century britches is the old Pythagorean hypothesis of Music producer, the alleged agreement of the circles. This is an old, unwritten, recondite and profoundly powerful convention that starts in the fogs of ancient times however whose first printed help is an entry from Platos Timeouts on the formation of the world soul expounded on 2,500 years prior. The Times was the main of Platos writings to be accessible all through vestige and the archaic period. Unfortunately, the section being referred to is totally indiscernible. Heres a taste,

By James