4 Common Myths of Business

The advancement of technology changed not only our daily lives but also affected the business world. Millennials, Generation X and Baby boomers all compete as digital natives and are updated with the latest gadget release. Being tech-smart has its advantages if put to proper use,  other people even use it to their advantage to either grow and build a small business.


Technology indeed helped these people of the generations mentioned who wanted to explore and try to fit in the business world like some real estate virtual house plans . But with all the technology they need to use to broaden their knowledge, that is still not enough to know the myths of business. So to help tech-savvy business people widen their knowledge of the matter, here are some myths of business:


“Starting a Business Make You Rich” — For those young professionals who would want to be financially independent, starting their own business seems to be the way to go. That’s where you’re wrong, there are a lot more ways to be financially stable and are said to be more safe and reliable. Sure you can get rich starting a business, but the way to get there sure is not as easy as 1-2-3.


“RIP Social Media” — They say owning a business means sacrificing your social media life, I beg to differ. With the advancement of technology, social media right now is an advantage to every business out there. Social media is where they can connect to people and advertise their business, make sure to catch up with the trends though, to capture your target audience’s attention.


“Founders are Owners?” — The boss is the one who came up with the business, that’s what they say. Apparently, the founder is not always the owner. Also, the founder doesn’t have to do everything alone. With the right people to help the business boom, the founder owes it to them. Don’t forget the loyal customers who believe in the business!


“Hiring Employees With Experience is Better” — With more experience means more knowledge of the field, that is not always the case. Sure you’d have more knowledge regarding the field but that makes you robotic and is not open to new ideas on improvement. Young adults nowadays are determined and creative when it comes to work, they are open to new ideas and of course, have fresh ideas of their own. After all, change is the only constant thing in the world.


There you go, a few myths of the many on the list! As a newbie in the business world, may this help or aid you in your journey to success and growth. Break a leg!